World Food Day Contest

In celebration of World Food Day, Eva’s Initiatives for Homeless Youth and Mealshare are giving away two tickets for Eva’s Taste Matters. Mealshare turns dining out into helping out. All you have to do is go out for dinner! Order a Mealshare menu item at one of their partner restaurants in Toronto and post a picture of it on Instagram tagging @evasinitiatives, @mealshare and the restaurant you dined at! You’ll have a tasty meal, a chance to win, and [...]

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Breaking the Stigma on Suicide

When we talk about suicide, it’s important to begin from a place of understanding that suicide is a complex issue. When someone attempts to end their life, there is no tracing the experience back to any one cause. Suicide occurs across all age, economic, social, and ethnic boundaries. Not all those who attempt suicide are struggling with mental health. The Without a Home Report indicates that 42% of youth experiencing homelessness reported at least one suicide attempt. Female and [...]

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