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We are committed to running an efficient organization and we work hard to keep our costs low. We negotiate discounts on everyday services (legal, advertising, maintenance etc.)

We also have our numerous dedicated and committed volunteers. They assist us on committees and our Board of Directors, mentor and volunteer at the shelters and programs, organize events and fundraising campaigns and help to raise awareness about Eva’s and the issue of youth homelessness.

You can also find out what our costs are by taking a look at our Gift Catalogue, where you can see what your donations are helping to support.

Want to explore our internal policies? See our links below.

  • Your privacy is carefully maintained through our Privacy Policy.

  • Our Gift Acceptance Policy determines the types of donations we will accept.

  • Our Conflict of Interest Policy ensures that our staff and volunteers do not benefit from any of our funding investments or any purchase of goods and services.

  • We also work hard to provide a safe and respectful workplace for our staff and volunteers, as described in our Respect for the Workplace Policy.

  • Our Accessibility Standard for Customer Service includes our policy and procedures for all people with a disability to access our services, remembering the principles of independence, dignity, integration and equal opportunity.

  • Your gift is managed according to the guidelines in our Investment Policy.

Show young people you believe in them.

You can help young people experiencing homelessness start the journey toward brighter futures.

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