Graham’s Story

"Your body freezes up, you start to shiver and just you totally become the cold."

Samantha’s Story

After struggling with mental health and addiction in a group home, Samantha found her way to Eva's Place.

Stephen’s Story

Left stranded after a landlord stole his money, Steve struggled to support himself.

Chahid’s Story

After immigrating from France, Chahid had to make it alone at 17. He didn't know that shelters existed.

Desran’s Story

Eva's supported Desran when he needed it, and now he's taken off as a multi-talented photographer, dancer, actor ... amazing!

Bailey’s Story

At Eva's, Bailey gained incredible tech and design skills to move forward with his dreams as a "digital nomad".

Peter’s Story

Peter and his mother got the help they needed to prevent Peter from getting caught in the cycle of homelessness.

Olivia’s Story

After leaving foster care, Olivia got shelter, life skills, and employment support from Eva's to get ready for a great future.

Jody’s Story

"Now, I wake up at 6:00 AM to be on the construction job site at 7:00 AM and I work my butt off all day and I couldn’t be happier."

Daniel’s Story

"Eva's Phoenix has reintroduced me into a life I thought was lost forever and I will be able to enter the future with a bright smile on my face."

Michael’s Story

"Eva’s gave me respect, dignity, and safety."

Jessica’s Story

Living at home I was lost to the person I was and how to use my voice. Thanks to Eva's and their Running Club, I found myself.

Lisa’s Story

Dealing with intense pressure and abuse from her parents, Lisa reached out to Eva’s for a fresh start and counselling.

Jesse’s Story

Coming from an abusive household, Jesse left home and crashed on his friends’ couches for a while, before eventually being forced to live on the streets.

Amy’s Story

With her mother suffering from mental illness and her family struggling to survive off one meal a day, Amy transformed her life with the help of Eva’s.

Mike’s Story

At 16, Mike’s relationship with his mother was on its last legs due to her struggles with alcoholism. Through Eva’s, they were able to rebuild and reconnect.