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Young woman looking in the mirror and brushing her teeth.
Personal hygiene supplies: $20

Personal hygiene supplies including soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, and conditioner for one young person.

Young man with a backpack on standing on a subway platform.
Transportation to a new job: $80

Two weeks of Toronto Transit fare for a youth beginning a new job or commuting to school.

Young woman sleeping soundly in a comfortable bed.
Warm bed for a night: $50

A night off the street includes a clean, warm bed and nutritious meals.

Cardboard house with Eva's logo on it, in someone's hands.
One Week of Safe Shelter: $500

Safe shelter and nourishing food for a young person experiencing homelessness while they get caring support and programs to pursue life skills, education, health and wellness, and job training at our facilities.

Young woman biting into a green apple.
Food for a week for two youth: $35

One week of healthy food for two young people staying at Eva’s.

Young woman wearing rubber, yellow gloves cleaning a cupboard. She has stopped to look at the camera.
Fresh Start Kit: $150

A kit of basic household items for a young person leaving the shelter including sheets, towels, toiletries, pots and pans, dishes, and cleaning supplies.

Young woman holding a food item, smiling at the camera. There are more people in the background which is out of focus.
Feed the shelter: $250

One day’s worth of meals for all of the youth staying at one of Eva’s emergency shelters.