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"I have a lot of ambition but no education."

Where does a young girl go when home is not an option?

Some run away and live on the streets, desperately fleeing emotional and physical abuse. Others, like Alison, a young girl we recently came to know, took a different route.At 16, Alison packed a few belongings, left home and took refuge in a local shelter

At 16, Alison packed a few belongings, left home and took refuge in a local shelter.

Her older sister had already fled. Emotional and financial stress had made their broken home so intolerable that Alison couldn’t focus on her school work or sleep properly. She dreaded going home every day.

Moving out was a courageous move for Alison, but not a solution.

From the shelter she shared with many women, she took the bus to school and worked part-time at a fast-food restaurant. She felt even more stressed, alone and isolated.

Thanks to donors like you, Alison found the break she needed at Eva’s.

“At Phoenix, they teach you how to be independent,” she says. Yet, for the first time in her life, she felt supported, too, thanks to trained staff members who are always available. “If I ever need to talk to someone, they’re there. If I ever need help with something, they’re there.”

Youth in Eva’s Education Programs at a Glance

Education - Youth At Eva's

Alison found a place where she could feel safe, secure and supported at Eva’s Phoenix, a transitional housing complex operated by Eva’s. She loved the fact that she had her own room, so she could study in peace and sleep better. She was encouraged to cook her own healthy meals and she learned to love it. She had the freedom to come and go as needed. She valued being trusted enough to get herself to school and to work on time.

Youth experiencing homelessness are experiencing barriers, most want to pursue an education.

Of those who dropped out, 73.9% report a desire to return to school.

53% of youth who are experiencing homeless drop out of school. These youth report a higher than average experience with barriers including bullying, learning and physical disabilities and mental health challenges. Of those who dropped out, 73.9% report a desire to return to school.

Life for Alison took a major step forward.

We are very proud of Alison and are pleased to share her story with you – so you can see that your support really does make a difference. Alison is now busy working on her goals of finishing high school, getting a place of her own and finding a good job. Yet there are many, many more youth out there who are still vulnerable.

Your donation provides youth at Eva’s with:

  • Safety
  • A place to call home
  • Nourishment
  • One-to-one counselling
  • Life skills
  • Job training
  • Career coaching

Thanks to you, homeless youth are able to overcome the many obstacles life has thrown at them.

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