Written by Andrea Gunraj, Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications

Right now, the SERVE Program is in full swing at Eva’s. SERVE is a 12-week experience-based program focused on providing youth new opportunities for personal development, team work, and community involvement. Participants set their own learning goals and build confidence, self-esteem, life skills, and work experience.

Recently, staff and residents involved in SERVE received “Quantum Leap” training, developed by Gary Keller of Keller Williams Realty. It’s meant to inspire young people to lead a life of intention and equip them with models and tools to achieve their goals. Quantum Leap Facilitators Jamie and Glenn he tailored this training for our context.

First, staff were trained on the concepts and approach to better equip them to support youth in SERVE into the future. They learned about topics such as:

  • Visualizing a life that excites you
  • Adopting a perspective to optimize our potential
  • Building our minds to build a life that excites us
  • Designing personalized success strategies

Youth participants were then introduced to a number of different tools and principles, such as:

  • Applying the “80/20 Principle” to our lives to be heathier and more effective every day
  • Fostering positive habits and taking the “66 Day Challenge”
  • Helpful tools like time blocking and the “Cycle of Accountability”
  • Maximizing our potential and success strategies

SERVE participants were completely inspired this training and expressed feeling like their big dreams are closer to becoming realities! Andres, SERVE participant, showed his appreciation for this training with magic.


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