Susur Lee

Photo: Matt Adam

Congratulations to Susur Lee for winning Chopped Canada’s chef battle and thank you for supporting Eva’s!

On November 26, Food Network’s Chopped Canada aired a special battle between all-star chefs Susur Lee, Michael Smith, Anne Yarymowich, and Mark McEwan. Each of them competed to win a $10,000 prize for a charity close to their heart, and Susur Lee competed and won to benefit Eva’s work with youth experiencing and at risk of homelessness. Lee is known for a unique fusion style, his restaurants in Toronto and around the world, and multiple books and television shows centered on cuisine.

Chopped Canada

“$10,000 for Eva’s is huge,” says Susur Lee.

You can watch the episode on Food Network Canada’s website (check out the mentions of Eva’s at 26:17 and 41:30). Many appreciations to Susur Lee for using his formidable talents to support brighter futures for young people in Toronto!

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