Written by Monique Thompson, Community Support Worker, Eva’s Place

On June 16, myself and three youth from Eva’s Place attended Eva’s annual fundraiser – Home for Life.

Prior to the event, youth from across the agency were involved in a photography club facilitated by a Toronto based photographer Delorean Klien and a number of volunteers. The youth were encouraged to experiment and maximize their creative potential during guided photo walks in various Toronto neighbourhoods.

The result – a series of striking images capturing the city through the eyes of the youth. The photographs were displayed at the event and the youth were elated to stand beside their images and converse with guests about the inspiration behind their shots.

All photos were sold at the event and the youth were given a portion of the proceeds from the sale. This experience was both rewarding and helpful in building the self-confidence and self-esteem of the youth. In speaking with our young photographers about the event one youth stated “it was a fun and interesting experience. [She] enjoyed it” , while another youth said “the experience was amazing and fun” . We look forward to another inspiring display of art at next year’s Eva’s Home for Life!

Kelsey Evas Place IMG_4861 Aiden 1 Evas Place IMG_8943 Michael 1 Satelite IMG_67171 Josiah from Phoenix IMG_71031 Ria Evas Place IMG_34711


“As a member of the The Creative Collective producing media and visual content it was a fulfilling experience to share our skills. It was evident from the beginning our involvement with these youth would help them express their inner views of how they perceive this city.

Once they were given the chance to freely capture their surroundings, the creativity emerging was evident through their pursue of the ideal photo that represented them. Being able to observe this process reminded me why I continue to pursue this medium and hope through this experience, they’ll believe they can produce great things in their life no matter their circumstances.”

– Vanessa Samuel

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