Written by Alanna Scott

Nadisha received a $100 pizza voucher after a dispute with a pizza retailer was resolved successfully. Nadisha could have thrown a pizza party for her friends, but instead the generous 20-year old decided to donate the voucher to charity – and the charity she chose was Eva’s.

Nadisha knew that she wanted to donate her pizza voucher to people who are experiencing homelessness, so she Googled shelters in Toronto and Eva’s popped up. “I hadn’t heard of Eva’s before, and when I looked at their website and read about all of the things they do to help youth, I knew right away that I wanted to help them. I wish I could do more. They do fantastic work.”

Now, thanks to Nadisha’s generous donation of pizza, Eva’s Open Mic Night on November 26 will involve tasty pizza as well as lots of fun. On this night of celebration, Eva’s Phoenix residents show their creative spirit by performing poetry, singing, playing instruments, doing standup routines… and having a pizza party.

Thanks, Nadisha, for Paying Pizza Forward for the youth at Eva’s Phoenix!

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