Written by Karin Culliton

I created Moving Still Life as part of my MFA in Documentary Media at Ryerson University. I began the project intending to film the OUTREACH class at Gallery 44 because I wanted my film to show how helpful arts-based programs can be. Fortunately for me, I met Wayne and Brandon at the first class, and then Wayne introduced me to Joel. Things kind of fell into place, as they are wont to do when you are interested and paying attention!

I am determined one day to make a truly participatory film, where the subjects become more involved in the way the film is made. I think this type of filmmaking (participatory) is very beneficial to marginalized groups who don’t normally have a public forum (which is what Joel’s magazine is all about too!).

I depended a great deal on both Brandon and Joel as well as Eva’s to allow me access into their lives. Now, as the project is being shared, I am hoping to create a more symbiotic relationship which could have some potential to create community-building.

Find out more about Joel’s Street Voices.

MovingStillLife from Melon City Productions on Vimeo.

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