Hello, my name is Megan.

My mom passed away from cancer when I was only twelve. I ended up moving around between extended family members, none of whom could offer the caring that I needed to process my grief and heal.

Young woman with soft brown curls.

I moved in with my siblings, who had taken care of me for a while after my mom had passed. But eventually they became physically abusive and I found myself living on the streets.

During a hitchhiking trip across Canada, I met my partner in Vancouver. My partner has been an important part of helping me start the process of putting my life back together after all these hardships.

We live in Toronto now, and after finding out about the Eva’s Construction and Building Maintenance Training Program I enrolled. As my new skills grow I become more and more confident about my future. I’m looking forward to gaining decent, reliable employment and a better place to live!

I will be telling you more about my story at Eva’s Taste Matters on November 2nd at Liberty Grand. I hope that you will come and I am I am looking forward to meeting all the people who support youth like me through Eva’s at the event. Also the food is going to be great!

Please join me! www.TasteMatters.ca

Eva’s Taste Matters hosted by Julie and Lisa of BiteMeMore.com, is a feast of delectable delights that brings together Toronto’s finest food and beverage. Proceeds go to safe shelter, nutritious food and 24-7 support for homeless youth at Eva’s.

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