Local condo community celebrates their largest holiday giving initiative ever to benefit Eva’s Phoenix

Members from 400 Wellington standing in front of a Christmas Tree and presents.

During this holiday season, the 400 Wellington condo community wanted to assist homeless youth in their downtown Toronto neighborhood. Afterall, living in the core, one doesn’t need to go far to see youth sleeping on park benches at Clarence Square or panhandling on the street corner of King and Spadina.

“We all know that finding affordable housing, employment and mental health services to break the cycle of poverty in Toronto is insurmountably difficult for someone living on the street,” explains the condo community.

After an internal resident poll was conducted in early December, an overwhelming majority showed a desire to support Eva’s Phoenix.

Once the first email went out, the donations of toiletries and everyday supplies started flowing in by the dozens. Within the first week of the initiative, more space and boxes had to be added under the tree to accommodate all the materials.

In addition to the overwhelming response, two young boys who live in the community decided to host their own bake-sale to support Eva’s Phoenix at the annual holiday gathering.

“We went to a WE day event in Toronto and decided that we wanted to help other children by collecting money for Eva’s Phoenix at our bake-sale. Our parents helped us bake cookies to sell to our neighbors and friends. We made $87.” – Sam, 8, and Gabriel, 5.

Sam and Gabe with their bake sale table.

Thanks to the condo residents as well as Sam and Gabriel’s bake-sale proceeds, the 400 Wellington community donation is an estimated $700.

“This contribution has, by far, been our most successful giving initiative,” says the community of only 100 units, “All of us at 400 Wellington wishes everyone at Eva’s Phoenix and beyond a wonderful holiday season.

There are only 2 days left to make your 2017 charitable contribution and have your donation doubled. A group of generous donors has committed to matching donations that are made before midnight on December 31st. Join in the generous holidays spirit with locals like 400 Wellington and make a gift with a real impact for homeless youth in your community.

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