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Eva’s SERVE is a 12-week experience-based program focused on providing youth new opportunities for personal development, team work, and community involvement. Participants set their own learning goals and build confidence, self-esteem, life skills, and work experience. In this post, CeCe shares her experience with a workshop SERVE participants received on Indigenous Spiritualties.

Eva's SERVE Program

Maria Montejo from Dodem Kanonhsa ran a spirituality workshop with SERVE, which was very interesting to me. I found it interesting because Maria’s indigenous culture is very different from mine, and all of the information that she gave me was useful, especially the meditation part of the workshop. The meditation part of the workshop was useful because Maria taught me how to properly breathe at times when I am anxious, angry, and frustrated. Maria also brought out her smudge bowl and preformed a smudge ceremony.

Maria invited us to an Aboriginal Day Barbecue and my experience was great! I had an amazing time watching the indigenous dancers perform their dances to the audience because the dances belonged to a different culture. I found that the Jingle Dress and the Regalia, which were cultural outfits that the dancers wore during their performance, were very beautiful. Trudie and I also participated in the Pow Wow Bootcamp where we learnt steps to traditional dances. I had lots of fun dancing with Trudie and other members of the community.

About the Author

CeCe is a youth participant in Eva’s SERVE Program

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