Earlier this month, we received an important reminder from the Federation of BC Youth In Care (FBCYICN): holidays can be hard.

A young woman sits in the cold looking serene.

In their guide to surviving the holidays, FBCYICN writes, “Many of us are alone, or have really complicated, challenging family/friend relationships to face. THEN, on top of that, there’s so much pressure to have SO MUCH FUN, be involved in all of the social gatherings, buy ALL THE GIFTS EVERRRR, make delicious home-cooked meals, have the best-family-ever-OMG, and have time off to relax. Or sometimes, we don’t have access to these opportunities like we want.”

This might be particularly true for the young people staying at Eva’s this holiday season.

We are grateful to the volunteers, donors, and staff that have been working hard to bring the warmth of the season to youth at Eva’s. Thoughtful community partners have given their time to decorate our shelters and cook and share in holiday meals with our young people. Every gift purchased from Eva’s Gift Catalogue is a reminder of the number of people who deeply care for our youth. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your kindness and caring support of young people experiencing and at risk of homelessness. We’re here because of you!

As we at Eva’s wish Happy Holidays to everyone, we also wish moments of peace, strength and hope to those who may be struggling. From our friends at FBCYICN, remember that it is normal to feel like:

  • the holidays are dumb
  • the holidays are awesome!
  • you wish you had people to celebrate with
  • there’s so much pressure to have fun or make things really fun for others
  • you can’t afford to do what you want
  • “these holidays are rooted in painful histories and that we might not want to celebrate them”
  • “how can people celebrate when there’s so much pain in the world?”

Read the full message from FBCYICN.

We hope your holiday season is filled with moments of peace and happiness.

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