The holidays can be tough for young people experiencing homelessness, and living in a shelter or transitional housing during a season of “joy” is especially challenging. It’s a time when feelings of isolation can intensify. That’s why we truly appreciate the efforts of Eva’s caring community to bring greetings and cheer to youth residents across our three facilities.


A generous volunteer team from Goldcorp Inc., recently spread holiday cheer at Eva’s Phoenix. This transitional housing and employment training facility is set up as shared townhouses that open up onto a big “Main Street” in the middle. So everyone who lives there can taste a bit of seasonal magic, the volunteer team worked with youth residents to set up a tree in Main Street and decorate the whole space.


To make the day sweeter, they brought delicious treats and worked alongside residents to bake cookies in the community kitchen. This is where residents participate in shared meals and get cooking instruction.


Finally, the volunteer team bought personalized wrapped gifts for each of Eva’s Phoenix 50 residents. As a transitional housing facility that focuses on building skills and tools for independent living, every young person at Eva’s Phoenix has their own unique needs. Some may want school supplies. Some need things like reading material, clothing, or housewares. These personalized gifts will make the holidays really special for each resident and help them start a new year.

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