Vicki Rodgers

The world needs more unicorns like Eva’s volunteer, Vicki Rodgers.

Volunteers are a precious gift to any organization trying to make lasting change. Volunteers who come at a key moment to help you reach a goal? They’re jewels. Volunteers who support you on a project or for a sustained period of time? They’re golden.

But a volunteer who has been with you from the start, who sticks with you consistently through good and tough times, who serves for decades? They’re rare and lovely as unicorns.

For Eva’s, Vicki Rodgers is that special unicorn of a volunteer.

Eva's Phoenix on Ordnance Street

The old Eva’s Phoenix on Ordnance Street in Liberty Village.

Vicki has been with us since the organization’s earliest days in 1994, when Eva’s Place was established as Toronto’s very first youth shelter. Vicki’s passion for making our communities better for youth experiencing – and at risk of – homelessness was critical to Eva’s growth. Vicki stood by Eva’s through all of the excitement and growing pains, as the organization grew from one to three facilities and as innovative new programs and services were tested and launched.

Eva's Phoenix on Brant Street, under construction

The new Eva’s Phoenix, under construction.

There’s no way Eva’s could’ve had this impact without Vicki.

Over the past few years, Vicki has risen to the daunting challenge of rebuilding Eva’s Phoenix, our transitional housing and employment training facility for homeless youth. We were stunned when we learned that we had to vacate the old building on Ordnance Street in Liberty Village, but Vicki snapped to action as Chair of Eva’s Phoenix Relocation Taskforce. She led the Taskforce as they oversaw construction of the new Eva’s Phoenix at the site of the historic St. Andrew’s Marketplace, contributing several hours a week on top of serving as President of York Heritage Management Ltd. and CEO of Urbanspace Property Group. In September 2016, Eva’s celebrated the public launch of the new Eva’s Phoenix, a beautiful space for 50 young people building better futures.

Eva's Phoenix on Brant Street, completed

The newly launched Eva’s Phoenix on the site of St. Andrews’s Marketplace in Toronto (Photo: LGA Architectural Partners and Ben Rahn/A-Frame).

Eva’s has a history of strong women leaders, starting with our visionary founder, Eva Smith. Vicki is one of those powerful women who keep the spirit of Eva alive and clamoring for change, and we couldn’t be more grateful for her contributions.

Vicki, this world needs more unicorns like you. We are so proud and happy that you’ve chosen Eva’s.

Vicki and other members of the Taskforce, winning award

Vicki with members of the Taskforce, accepting Eva’s 2016 Heart and Soul Award.

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