Written by Alanna Scott, Director, Development and Campaigns

We are thrilled to have been selected by Charity Intelligence Canada as one of 10 High Impact Charities.

If you donate $100 to a charity and they create $200 worth of social value, that is good, but if the charity can create $500 worth of value, that is even better. Charity Intelligence’s new Canadian Charity Impact Fund highlights 10 charities that, as a group, are likely to produce $900 in value or more from a $100 gift.

Charity Intelligence believes that the key question donors should ask of a charity is how much impact it is having per donation dollar. Rather than asking “For every dollar I give, what percent is going to the cause?” we should ask, “for every dollar I give, how many dollars’ worth of social value are being created?”, or simply, “how much good is my donation doing?”

You can find out more about the Canadian Charity Impact Fund at http://www.charityintelligence.ca/canadian-charity-impact-fund

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