Written by Bill Shepherd, Executive Director, Ontario Real Estate Association Centre for Leadership Development


Image: Frances McAllister, Bill Shepherd, and Elaine La Chappelle at the Ontario Real Estate Association

Years ago, during the holiday season in December, I was at a loss as to what to buy my staff as a gift. On the way home from work, I saw stacks of Christmas trees outside Eva’s Place on Lesmill Road.

I hadn’t bought my office holiday tree yet and it turns out they were selling the trees – I jammed one in my trunk. When I paid for it, the staff mentioned that I could buy paper cutout ornaments, put my staff members’ names on it, and donate money to Eva’s Place.

Wow, how easy, plus the nice feeling of donating to a great cause. Even though trees aren’t sold any longer, I still donate each holiday season in the name of my staff.

I travel a lot for my work and stay in hotels. Since I bring my own toiletries, I don’t use the hotel’s supply. For 15 years, I’ve been collecting those toiletries as do 3 of my staff members. Twice a year we donate a huge bag of toiletries. For the youth, they’re small, easy to transport, and they get to try a big variety.

How easy is that?

There must be something in your life that would make it easy to donate to Eva’s. What a win/win. The youth will benefit and you will feel wonderful for helping out.

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