Written by Sarah Barker

Over the last two decades, Eva’s has grown from a small emergency shelter to a full-service youth organization, providing homeless and at-risk youth with the tools, training, programs, and supports to get off the streets and dream of a brighter future. Whether it is our innovative profit-for-purpose Eva’s Phoenix Print Shop, our leading edge Family Reconnect Program, or our award-winning transitional shelter, Eva’s Phoenix, we have never been afraid to take risks and forge new paths to providing our youth with the best programs and services, so that they can be provided with a fresh start.

That boldness and innovation continues today with the official unveiling of our new brand. We hope that this new identity better reflects the spirit of Eva’s, from the staff who dedicate themselves to our mission, to the volunteers who donate their time and energy and most importantly to the youth whose passion, determination and strength inspire each of us every day to continue the work started by Eva Smith.

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We owe our deepest thanks to the team at Mirum, who have spent countless hours working around the clock to ensure that Eva’s new identity reflects the work happening at our three shelters. Mirum’s entire team has supported this journey and we are eternally grateful.

With this new website and blog, we promise that we will continue to educate and inspire, to share the stories of youth and those of programs across the country that are working to end youth homelessness. You will hear from individuals, corporations and foundations about why they are investing in our youth and what you can do to help provide Eva’s youth with a fresh start. You will also hear from the staff at Eva’s, giving you an inside look at how we are working each and every day to continue the innovative and bold work started twenty-one years ago.

But we also want to hear from you. If you have an idea or a post that you want to share, review our submission guidelines for more information.

We look forward to sharing with you!

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