You’re sick
of all the
at school

You’re out
of cash and
need a fix

Your family
can’t handle
it anymore

You’re Ajay,
Age 18
You need a
fresh start

This is a
Real Story

“Eva’s took me in at the lowest point of my life. With their help, I’ve been clean for 3 years.” - Ajay

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You make change.

In 2015, Charity Intelligence chose Eva’s as one of Canada’s top ten high-impact charities.

  • $35
    Food for
    two weeks
  • $80
    Two weeks of TTC
  • $150
    A Fresh Start Kit
    for new beginnings
  • $250
    Feed the shelter
    for a day
  • $500
    Safe shelter
    for one week
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Hockey Helps the Homeless

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Graham’s Story
"Your body freezes up, you start to shiver and just you totally become the cold."
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